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Methamphetamine comes in many different forms- including powder, tablets, and crystals. The tablets are also referred to as smokeable and yaba crystals which are often called from the name of crystal ice or meth.

How to take it?

The intake of methamphetamine depends on its form. Generally, it can be snorted, swallowed or injected in the body.

How does it make one feel?

Smoking the pure methamphetamine in crystalline, purer form can produce an intense high to the user. It inputs the reactions similar to the cracked cocaine’s, but it is much more long-lasting. Methamphetamine can also reduce the appetite by making you feel:

•    Alert
•    Exhilarated
•    Awake
•    Paranoid
•    Agitated
•    Aroused
•    Aggressive
•    Confused

What are the risks?

•    Can increase the blood pressure and heart rate. It can raise the risk of heart ache’s or attack. The higher the dose a user may intake, the greater the risks it will have.
•    It can also cause stroke, kidney, lung and gastrointestinal damage.
•    The long term use of methamphetamine can also cause brain damage. Although, one can be relieved if the user stays off from the drug for a long time.
•    Intake of methamphetamine can also lead to risky activities which a person won’t do normally! It can lead to having unsafe sex, which can further lead to other risks.

Where to Buy Methamphetamine?

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