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Thinopental medicine helps in slowing down the activities of the nervous system and of a brain. It is also used to treat and to relax the general anesthesia with inhaled medications. The thiopental can also be used in purposes which are not listed here.

How is thiopental given?

The thinopental is directly injected to the vein through the IV. A patent must be given this medication in a lying position. The patient will directly get into sleep when it gets injected into the body. The blood pressure, breathing, kidney function, oxygen levels and the vital signs must be watched very closely while one is receiving the thinopental.

The major considerations to be taken!

•    A patient must not use the thiopental if they are allergic to or if they have:
•    Addison’s disease- It is an adrenal gland disorder.
•    Porphyria- It can cause symptoms of nervous or skin system diseases.
•    Kidney or liver disease
•    A thyroid disorder
•    Severe anemia
•    Asthma
•    Myasthenia gravis
•    If you are allergic from butabarbital, amobarbital, secobarbital, mephobarbital, Phenobarbital or barbiturates.

What are its side effects?

You must get medical help if you have signs of allergic reactions like swelling of throat, tongue, face or lips, difficulty in breathing.

Some side effects also include:

•    Shallow or weak breathing
•    Ongoing drowsiness
•    Shivering or chills
•    Slow heartbeats
•    Tight feeling in lungs and throat, coughing, sneezing

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